Studied mining engineering, mainly in the field of underground structures at Department of Earth Resources and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. Building on experience in urban tunnel structure projects, deepened understanding in the areas of civil engineering and architecture. Obtained B.A. at Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Correspondence Education Course, Nihon University. After certification as a patent attorney, gained experience in many patent projects in technology fields, such as telecommunications, software in general, and control systems. Strongly believe in giving psychological support to clients in a proactive manner, after gaining extensive experience in home appliances, entertainment, cosmetics and apparel industries where unique female- specific perspectives are incorporated into inventions, and understanding those features will give clients an advantage.   “I like listening to people. I enjoy deepening my understanding through the process of grasping, organizing, digesting and integrating their thoughts. I feel this work fulfilling when carefully listening to inventors, identifying the essence of inventions and sharing the delight that these inventions bring.”