IP and Beyond

Intellectual Property(IP) rights have the power to change the world. What can we do to maximize their potential?

We offer our unique IP services based on our outside-the-box thinking. We continually update our services portfolio in order to meet our clients’ needs by taking into consideration their business strategies after obtaining patents, not solely focusing on obtaining them.


Go Global

For our clients who seek to globalize their business, Intellectual Property rights protection must be world-class.

Our role is to generate intellectual properties which can compete not only in the Japanese market, but in the global arena.


Be innovative

As a patent attorney to handle innovations for changing the world, I would also like to be creative. We believe an innovative approach is essential in providing our clients with significant value. 

We execute our tasks based on cutting-edge information technologies and take a flexible and open approach to respond to diverse, up-to-date technologies when we work on projects.


Be creative

The fact that inventors are creative makes us seek creativity as well. It is not uncommon for researchers to be unaware of true key points in their inventions, as the more innovative and complex they may be, the potential leading from other incorporated seed ideas can easily be overlooked.

We take pride in our attention to detail not only in regard to the points in an invention expected to be of greatest value, but also aim to identify other creative options.